Since its birth TOP Service has realised the importance of training in the development of its business.

Training is truly effective when it contributes to transforming and improving the staff’s approach to the company as a whole towards the challenges of reality.

Becoming aware and developing new resources and skills enables the company to abandon old patterns and build new relationships with our self and our colleagues in a new and more inclusive business climate.

With our experts and consultants of proven experience, we aim to give you the chance to directly experience the effectiveness of our training courses on yourself and your company.

The areas in which we operate are: time management, corporate image and personal appearance, sales training, sales techniques, advancing in the learning of English.

The main goal is to develop the knowledge and the skills, which can lead to both personal and professional growth. The courses offer highly specialized training focused on a global vision of the roles and functions of a company.

Some examples of our courses
The Ugly Duckling.

The program is based on the development of a positive approach and finding the right motivation that can transform a negative way of thinking in a positive one. A positive and winning perception of oneself as an individual and as a team can bring about a change and an improvement in the communication of the company 's image as a whole. (Neurolinguistic programming).

ContentS of the program:

Enable participants to:

  • become willing to change their way of approaching life;
  • set new and stimulating goals for themselves and others;
  • be the protagonist of a photography service - before - during - after - hair stylist;
  • acquire powerful models to improve their quality of one’s personal and professional life;
  • learn about the generator of new behaviour, the sub modes of perception, the     restructuring in six phases, the hierarchy of values.


Beginners and advanced ENGLISH

English is not the literal translation of Italian! Even in the absence of any knowledge of the English language we enable you now to experience how to think and communicate in English. With an innovative method of teaching you will experience the pleasure and ... satisfaction of discovering how to write and speak  in English. You'WIll also discover how to recognize and overcome old patterns that (limit),,,, a true learning process.

Feedback from participants to our courses.

I found the teaching method particular(y) and this contributed to creating a group made up of participants with no previous knoWledge of the language with those who had already studied English at school. (Tiziana B.)

I enjoyed the teaching method because of its simplicity and immediaNcy (Donatella V.)

I found the teaching method very useful and innovative. (Annamaria M.)

I was favorably impressed by the clarity of the teacher's explanations and the way he took care of each single participant. (Tiziana B.)

I appreciated the teacher’s teaching skills and his clarity in conveying the contents of the course.  (Giuseppe N.)

I can define the teacher "ideal" (Annamaria M.)